Engineer Constructor

We have experts who project:

  • Products of sheet steel;
  • Tanks for food industry;
  • Technological pipelines for food and other industries;
  • Different equipment for food and other industries;
  • Transporters, as well as automated transportation systems;
  • Steel service platforms

Shop Fittings

In cooperation with our partners we may also produce products completed with wood.

Shop Equipment
Stairs and handrails
Furniture and its accessories

If you are looking for a reliable supplier for reasonable prices, our team is ready for cooperation!

Metal Products

We closely monitor industry trends to provide a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute to our customers.

Metal furniture
Metal shelving
Metal accessories
Shop and warehouse equipment

We specialise in equipping public interiors.

The quality bar is set especially high when dealing with items such as bright lighting and impeccable aesthetics, and innovative architectural solutions and strict deadlines, and therefore precision and thorough time management are integral parts of our work.The core of the company is its professionals; people who love their job. A happy customer is the best possible method of evaluation of our efforts, and that’s why we offer extensive advice and assistance regarding all possible project issues. And there‘s more. We also place a great deal of importance on warranty maintenance and any of the needs our customer may have after the completion of the project.

General & sub-contracting

Our project team has the experience you can rely on and we are proud of the relationships we have developed with our subcontractors and partners. Together, we diligently work to develop the cooperation and respect needed to achieve our one common goal.

  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Detailed project status reports

Steel Trade

We offers a wide selection of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our range of various types of steel, stainless steel and aluminium includes thousands of different items from the world’s leading suppliers. We could provide you products pre-processed to meet your specific requirements, to help you keep production throughput times as short as possible and optimize production costs.

We could delivered the products at attractive prices directly to your production location at the right time. You can concentrate on your core business areas, release capital and resources, reduce costs, and increase profits.